• Drone Delivery
    is coming to California

    DronesDash is partnering with businesses
    across the Bay Area to deliver a
    variety of products.

  • Quick

    We fly at speeds over 50mph in completely free airspace, making sure you get your package on time.

  • Autonomous

    Our drones are fully autonomous through GPS navigation and our patent-pending "Last Mile Navigation" technology

  • Secure

    Our patent-pending visual targeting system authenticates users upon delivery, ensuring you never lose an order.

Houston, We have Liftoff!

DronesDash is a Menlo Park based drone technology company focused on integrating drones into commercial delivery. Despite our infancy, we have already developed highly advanced patent pending tools and techniques for automated drone services. Through our optimized navigation system in unison with our state of the art visual targeting system, we will revolutionize package delivery.

  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Revolutionary

The era of drone technology is upon us and DronesDash is ready to guide the world toward this future!

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